‘Independence’…….and what that means to me and mine!!

Today started off with a BANG !!  Firstly, I woke up to the dawn spreading her fingertips of rose on the mountain which overlooks our home.  The same light was illuminating and creating shadows from neighboring trees.  All the while the clouds were building up a shower sent from heaven.

I loly-gagged around the house sipping in sweet and lightened coffee, thinking about my ‘Independence’ and what  that means to me!

I would like to profess my love for my country and my fore fathers for their wisdom and insight.  When Jefferson was thinking of our future he knew the republic would soon fail, if not for the Bill of Rights and the Amendments.  I am no politician nor do I claim to have all the answers. among many things, aside from the unreachable depths of knowing ALL, I am a woman, wife, and mother.  I am somewhat aware of the lost traditions in which many Americans suffer.  I understand my people have turned their backs on JUSTICE and TRUTH.

So, I have decided that on this day, the day of my new-born ‘Independence’, that I would recognize the unjust , non-nurturing ways about myself that I want to be independent from.

1.  Independence from my thoughts, weather progressive or not.  I want to obtain Bliss: a constant state of mind undisturbed by gain or loss.

I want to be free of the judgement I have on myself and others.  Free from others opinions of me (imagined or not).

2. Independence from the Republics view on how I should live my life.

The Republic would have me believe that I need to be liberated from my husband and family, to obtain a position in society equal to a man (as if that is what the world needs, MORE MANLY WOMEN).  In my perspective, they, who ever they is (the voters: and I mean how you vote with your money), would have you: a).  work yourself into a home you only pay rent for, b).  drive a car that cost more than your college education,  c). send your children off to a place they call school (which poisons their minds with unrealized determination to produce an army of naysayers).

I just want to say: I plan on sending my son to public school.  My only hope is to teach him truth, so far as I understand it, in the safety of our home.  His future depends on my ability to sit back and let him dress himself , not matter how ridiculous he might look to me, lending him a helping hand when asked or giving him words of encouragement.  In doing so, I believe he will know his safe zone to be HOME, with his family and creative self!  A place where he can retreat from the world and explore his feelings and perspective about such matters of the heart.

3. Independence from the belief system engrained in us ALL from childhood.

I want to harness the quality of my upbringing ( I BET THERE IS SOME IN THERE ,SOMEWHERE).  The world is competitive and in the appropriate place that is acceptable.  To enjoy the fullness of a tennis match, one must compete to his fullest compasity.  I think tennis is a great game.  A not so great game is ? (well something to ponder).

All in All: I am grateful for my life today.  Living in a country where I can express myself in many direct and different ways is truly a blessing to bestow. I thank ALL who have been instruments in my freedom, current and past.  May they be remembered and honored in each day I live to breathe the fresh air of FREEDOM 🙂

For my own protection, I will represent the Republic in public and encompass and develop the true meaning of FREEDOM while in the SAFE ZONE of my home.

I have opened up in a way that affords me a family and hardly no friends, so please, find it in your hearts to allow me that which I have been yearning to express (without judgement or calluse). This is my channel (appropriate place to fully express myself and the world as I understand it).  Otherwise, my face to face relationships are subject to the banter and unrealized thoughts or feelings about all that troubles or satisfies me.



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