Breaking Boundaries…….continued !!

Not 24 hours has gone by when Paula and Lola find the poison has worn off and lifes responsibility to progress knocking in the door. Regressing into a position where they are once again giving their power (life force) to a path many never return.  For Paula, the enhancement of her sexuality ,or the illusion of, becomes pleasingly entertaining.  The entertainment of being with an older man, one whom takes pleasure in feeding his ego with lies and defeat, grows with the disapproval of loved ones.  It is obvious to me now, the act of caring and loving direction would have been most effective in deterring such behavior, which could have come from those closest to her.   Although Paula tells herself that just one hit of speed won’t hurt, already her feet are firmly grounded in the swamps of darkness.    When they return to the drug house for more of which brings them to a heightened state of being, with the clear purpose of escaping and acquiring another high, open arms and warm welcomes greet them at the door.

I have never met a drug dealer who sat me down or sent me away, only with a pipe in hand or a sack in my pocket.

I am of the opinion that such monsters be brought to justice.  Those who prey on young women,who have their whole life ahead of them, using their youth and beauty along with the lack of direction, to become slaves to the dragon.

The author tells Paula’s story with a conviction for the truth. Her story is only possible through experience, understanding and insight.

Lets hear more about Paula, later……


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