MANIC MONDAY : ‘Pads go Dry’……and so does my desire to live !!

Being woke up by a toddler screaming, “JUICE, JUICE”, is hardly my idea of  a pleasant afternoon snack.  It was not the screaming toddler alone that was getting on my last nerve, but the house was hot and the cooler was not at its highest performance.  My husband, the intuitive man that he is, suggested taking the boy out to the park.  I sat in my chair, dreamy and partial to my position of defeat, wondering if that was the solution to my problems.

In fact, I needed something to live for, being as the current mental situation was anchoring me to the all familiar; depths of darkness.  So, I proclaim to have given that monster fingers and got geared up for the adventure with the boys.  I wasn’t about to miss out on the FUN!!

On the ride over, I began to understand that not only had the pads on the cooler gone dry but so had my love and appreciation for life.

When your pads (the joys in life go un-nourished) go dry, one must get up and take action.  Like when the grass receives the rain so shall our souls partake of the grace and beauty life has to offer.  So, wet your pads with social involvement, whether it be your family, a women’s or man’s group, church, theater, or volunteer work, find people who are seeking positive, honest relationships.

I believe in purpose and adventure.
We are hard on ourselves ! I say, “Lets embrace ourselves in all our ambitions and love for Life 🙂 Let us participate in life with the purpose of finding our people, as I like to refer to it.

Boredom terrifies me.  Social events help with the monotony of what sometimes seems like a life of no direction.  Being able to share humanistic experiences with others brings purpose and gratification.  I sometimes find myself morning the life I don’t have, failing to embrace the beauty of the moment which awaits my participation.

A BIG haray to all, who can do the hard thing.  For, the hard thing to do is likely what is going to bring you closer to a realized person.  Someone who finds himself in others.  Someone who can relate to the knocks life gives and experience  accomplishment by giving it another try!!

If any of this makes sense to you, GREAT 🙂 If not: Please don’t hold it against me, I will continue to try !!  And in so far as I can communicate with myself and be honest, I shall become a better me for all you to see.  Thanks 🙂


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