Saturday Special: Public Exposure….take @ intervals, Plz !!

So, I not only give my husband total permission to check out other women, I  encourage it.  So long as he shares with me the experience, I think it is healthy.  Of course, we have our own thoughts about a healthy relationship between a man and woman and this seems to work well for us, Honesty that is !!

While he was out shopping he see’s a girl who forgot to put any cloths on before she went shopping.

Now, this would be enjoyable for all, if she only had the right attitude about wearing only her undies in public. Her bad attitude communicates to me that she is not feeling confident nor comfortable in her get-up!!

I am familiar with this upside down view.  I have often made the mistake in wearing particular clothing that attracts attention, for all the wrong reasons.  I was actually trying to get others to fill the void in my self-confidence.  Never a positive experience.

I am not saying don’t flaunt it.  I’m just encouraging myself to dress for the emotions that I am experiencing in that moment of truth.  Needy exposure brings trouble.  A knowing and accepting of your beauty can bring women to a smile when a man or the like is admiring her.  A women on the rebound can never accept what she is really saying by her dress along with her attitude.  This causes plenty of confusing and negative thoughts which only empower the obvious discomfort she is already having.

No doubt she was embarrassed about forgetting to put her pants on before going out in public 🙂




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