Todays greatest Melt Down !!

This is the first draft of my first book!  The sole purpose of writing this book is to investigate feelings I might be harboring and to share hope and inspiration for all those who read it.

Note: I had a wonderful moment of connection with my true feelings about why I am writing this book and what it means to me.  One click away and poof, gone 😦  I am ill.  I think I will recover after I share with you how much I love you and am grateful for your time.  I know, I am feeling a bit desperate right now.  That happens from time to time.  I think this is a safe place to express desperate !!  I want to connect with my people and hope you return for more of my emotional tune-ups !!


by Krystal Dupree

A young girl finds herself quite often in a place where she is braking others boundaries, perhaps because she has none of her own. Making a pass without appropriated evidence that the receiving end would be willing to submit to such demands. The struggle within devastates her loved ones and never a moment of relief for Paula.

Running away in her mind only brings temporary relief. Not long before the humiliation sets in Paula finds herself chasing the dragon. She is so afraid to see herself for what she has become and the work it would take to be better, better than herself. The drugs and alcohol lend her a predicted response to life, what ever happens just consume as much as is available. And when the wick burns short, find the loaded gun.

Paula is often only concerned with how she is going to get others to give her what she wants, and I am supposing that the author is having pity when confronting this stage in Paula’s life. Fresh out of high school with no plans for the future, her way out becomes clear when she is introduced to an older man. An older man whom has no plans but to lure young women ,with his sack of dope and her first hit of speed. The first hit goes straight to the genitals. The second hit goes straight to her genitals and on with the music. Before the sun rises she finds herself in the back bedroom with his friend.

It is obvious to the girlfriend Lola, old men with drugs like young , fresh meat to devour. With Lola’s ragging appetite for speed, Paula’s lack of direction and self-worth ,the girls transport into well-rounded sluts. Paula’s beauty becomes a vice in which her friend Lola uses to get the drugs she wants.


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