Moment of New Beginnings

I must write !!

I must communicate !!

I must let go !!

There are many aspects of me.  I must find the appropriate time and place for ALL of my realized characters.  I need more socializing.

Every week I try to fill with activities for myself and the children.  Today I spent a good bit of time working on my sewing project, while the kids suffered through lots of movie watching.  Some days I am needing the grodie

Summer 2011′

television to entertain my son.  Some days I am unmotivated and selfish.  Of course, I made time for my sewing.

We did get out to the library for story time !!

Just now, little Nyle was crying out, unable to fall asleep, so I read three books.  I actually look forward to being able to give him more of myself.  And when the opportunity presents itself and my priorities fall into place I have quite an enjoyable time with life.  Nyle is my greatest project and MOST REWARDING !!

Planned for tomorrow is a breakfast picnic with our friends !!  I will bring the juice and a craft of coffee, while my mommy friend makes yummy burritos.


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