Discovering My World

The lack of chemistry was obvious from the moment we met, only her beauty distracted me.  I thought I was making the extra effort out of  curtsy. Possibly, the idea that I am so likeable that ALL women should like me, if they would only open up to me I could help them.  RIGHT !!  Radical acceptance of the truth often saves me from total destruction.

I have discovered when I perceive one as rejecting me, I attack.  I become accidentally aggressive and behave not at all like I wanted.  I hold no regret or judgement toward the women whom I have violated in the process of discovering myself.    I am desperate for positive interaction with other women.  I can only hope that the best apology be in the successful relationships to come.  I believe, I receive exactly what I am needing.  At the place where I am socially inappropriate, I am looking for loving kindness and forgiveness toward myself.  While harboring anger,. resentment, and jealousy,  I miss out on the present moment, where I find acceptance.  Through acceptance we discover who we are and find each other in one another.  Our relationships may vary well survive through the love we have toward ourselves. The more accepting of ourselves the better we will get along with others.  Acceptance breads acceptance, I will be accepting.


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