Honest Monday !!

After a two month stretch of riding our bicycles we got a vehicle.  My bike is equipped with a child seat for Nyle, my two-year old, and a trailer.  Living in New Mexico where the temperatures are 100+ degrees, I am grateful and yet sad.

When we rode out of necessity the exercise was a bi-product.  The lack of exercise has most certainly contributed to my increased tension, lack of focus on the good things in life, aggression, and a lack of self achievement (less oxygen).

I have made a schedule for this week which includes riding my bike to the swimming pool.  Great Idea !!  Water is wonderfully cleansing and rejuvenating.  I will head out for my swim 3 times a week.  On the other days I will take my son.  He loves the water . 🙂

I am feeling much better all ready.  I get a sense of achievement when I write.  For one reason or another, I am experiencing happy thoughts toward life.  The shift is happening as I write.  My breathing has become deeper, my posture has improved, and I even have a smile on my face. My overall outlook is something remarkable. I even feel my eyes glossing.

I have been talking with my husband about tapering off Lithium.  I would like to see who I am without it.  I am a bit nervous and excited.  My doctor will hear of it much after the fact.  I am confident in my ability to use my distress tolerance skills to help maintain progressive behavior .

Deeper honesty: I am actually wanting to lose 20 lbs. that I’ve gained since taking the Lithium.


One response to “Honest Monday !!

  1. I honestly think Lithium ruined my life while I was taking it. I mean that. I gained roughly a million pounds. Also, I felt like I was so removed from my life and the outside world that I was trapped in a glass case. It was bizarre. For those that enjoy Lithium, I support you. I just hate it for myself.

    That’s awesome that you’re being more active. I’m trying to too but it incredibly hot! Thanks for reading my blog! Love yours!

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