Perfect Imagined Life !!

I mope in remembrance of a clean kitchen, with every dish washed, the range reflecting my perfectionism, mixing center in order (with all the glass jars streak free), table cleared and rubbed, floor swept and mopped.  This is my imagined life.  I actually achieve my perfect imagined life , maybe, once every 2 weeks.

I messaged her concerning my attitude toward my messy house, particularly the dishes.

Drew comes back with how she is doing dishes too.  In this moment of sharing I found relief in my emotional state towards life.  I shared something real for me with another person.  I live for expressing myself in a positive and productive way.  I believe even if it is a negative emotion that I am experiencing, that soon shall I be in another emotional state and on with the music.  I often take myself too serious.  I am glad when I can see the chore as an expression of life.  If I choose to take action with those dishes I want to be enjoying myself, or else, they may as well be broken and tossed out.  For the sake of my happiness I will love each and every dish or NOT.  The decision to be happy and rejoice in the experience, no matter the emotional dilema.

My crazy ideas are for my entertainment and I like the attention !!


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